Wallonia’s cultural capital city, with its extraordinary historical patrimony, named the European Culture Capital City of 2015. Sightseeing around the city, you will discover several historical sites as the Beffroi in Mons, UNESCO’s global patrimony, Mons’s town-hall and the Siante-Waudru College Treasure. Mons and its marvellous Grand Place are the location of the annual world-wide folkloristic, also classified non-material UNESCO’s patrimony event of the ‘DOUDOU’, the Golden Carriage Parade, that is now 657 years old.

Belgium is world-wide famous for its artisan beer tradition, in particular for the monasteries where the monks produce beer, the Abbey Trappist beers. In Belgium are located 6 of the 8 beer-factories officially recognized: Oryval, Chimay, Westvleteren, Rochefort, Westmalle and Achel. It is not allowed to go inside the factories but it is possible to taste the different kinds of beer in some of the local abbeys. Organised visit to Gent, precious village on the Flandres for a tour and beer tasting in Brasserie Gruut, situated in the city centre and producing beer along with the medieval tradition, without hop, but using the ‘Gruut Herb’ instead, a mixture of herbs and spices.