The Advantage of being theONE

The direct knowledge of the products we offer, to ensure a wide range of services for every need and every type of tour and to provide support and advice according to the characteristics and opportunities offered by each destination; to those characteristics, typical of the local DMC, we connect a wide range of destinations and it is therefore that we can offer you the possibility to use one single interlocutor for any, even the most complex, kind of tour. That’s what makes us “The One”: one partner with which it is possible to meet all service needs of your groups and which will allow you to start a relationship based on respect for the mutual work and the trust deriving from the pursuit of the same purpose, also our mission: ensure that today’s customer will also be tomorrow’s customer.

The Mission

We help our clients to increase the loyalty of their customers.

Service is the pivot on which The One bases its work. In our view, exactly as it is in our daily lives, our commitment is focused on delivering a competitive high quality service which meets and satisfies the expectations of our clients so that they, on their turn, can increase the loyalty of their customers. The consequences of this endeavour are the policy and the competitive advantages that our company is able to offer through its proposals.

Our History


The One arose from the experience of a group of expert professionals, coordinated by the business owner Stefano Foschi, an entrepreneur who is firmly respected by the main leaders in the segment of culture- oriented organized tourist groups. The One has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to the linearity and clarity of its business philosophy that focuses exclusively on the travel professionals: the goal is to get even closer to our customers by ensuring competitive travel proposals with high quality of service and with the great reliability that have made of The One the travel provider who has caused a revolution in the B2B market for group travel.


Central fulcrum of our efficiency, our company’s booking section has established a new standard for the services brokerage panorama for the groups.


The general management is devolved upon the owner, Mr. Stefano Foschi, one of the most experienced and skilled entrepreneurs, expertise in the specific branch of business management and acquisition of the product. He is directly involved into the agreements’ settlement made with the providers, he supervises all the internal intercourses about the product with the H.R. (Human Resources), he oversees all the administrative policies, defines the investment conditions and coordinates the marketing strategy helped by the business management team. The commercial department is led by Mr. Gabriel Pesaresi, responsible for the commercial management, including the clients, the trade policies, the marketing and the communication.


The operative departments are supported by our Business office, both the inner branch, responsible for the intercourse with the clients and for the costumer satisfaction and public relations policies, and the outern, the fulcrum of National and international trades, which mantains the relationships with the clients, carefully listening to their suggestions and opinions, process that allows our internal departments to improve the quality of services offered and gives them new ideas for enhancing the whole system.


The products office is included in the mansions of the central management and it determines the acquisition and planning services policies and supervises their act of becoming official contract, it also takes care of the intercourse with the providers, it coordinates the foreign branches, leads the booking department, it is the guide line of the amministrative section and it accurately oversees the system quality in providing appropriate products to offer.


The considerable growth of turnover and the developments of the company led The One, in only five years, to an outstanding enlargement and to the introduction of new productive branches, which of course has meant an internal resources rearrangement and new personnel hiring that made the space we had insufficient. For this reason, in the past year we coped with the problem of finding a new, more adequate location, which would be more suitable for the new necessities, expecting an even more significant growth. After only four years working in our offices in Falciano we then moved in some new spacious ones in Dogana. These new spaces, reedited reguarding their outfits, furnishings and specifically designed for our necessities, not only make our daily work easier but also permit us to better receive both providers and clients who are always welcome to come visit us.


One of the main point of interest economically provided from our founds is definitely for technology advancement. We work with the newest operational systems, the best working servers, well updated hardwares, a constantly enhanced software, all necessary steps to guarantee the high quality of our job and service offered in the shortest time.


During the years, The One launched a revolutionary way of working, creating a well spread net of exclusive cooperations involving various professionals of the specific area.



From our point of view, our daily routine is structured in order to offer a high quality service, able to completely satify out clients’ expectations, as it is however clear from the effort we make in creating the policies that our company proposes through its offers.

The Plus


The price of the provided services has become the centre of any negotiation and is also one of our strengths. However, the price should never become the reason for lower quality. The right balance is the basis of our work and in our opinion this is the winning philosophy. Thanks to the negotiating position that we have acquired throughout the years, relying on direct and often exclusive relationships with our suppliers, we are able to offer always competitive solutions for every type and level of demand.


Our policy of direct purchase of the product, together with the recognized solidity of our company and the absolute accuracy with respect to the contractual terms of our suppliers, enable us to obtain a wide range of availability, the so-called “beds”, by using our exclusive allotment or empty for full contracts, committed for the main seasonal peaks of requests, with a large number of available establishments in the major Italian and European destinations. This force results in a great advantage for our customers who can book the needed accommodation at any time of the season, receive a rapid response to their requests and draw directly from the system of our extensive reservoir of proposals.


The negotiating skills are an important part of our success. The significant costs we incur in the direct purchase of our product, by moving our professionals across Europe for months, is being largely repaid by the satisfaction of our customers. During the programming phase, which brings them to the various European and Italian destinations, our contract managers supervise the leaders of our Booking Department, which thereby acquire large specific competence. Every year we review the destinations in our programming, allowing us to increase our response and this has allowed us over the years to offer an ever wider product choice. This enables us to offer a wide variety of locations and types of services, with an absolute unique eye for detail and competence in the scene of group tourism.


Our support service for the traveling groups is without any doubt the best on the Italian market; to the service number that is displayed on the travel documents, you will obtain direct answer from the area manager in charge of handling the group, whose knowledge and specific competence guarantee the efficiency of the response and the speed of the solution. Throughout the years The One has furthermore activated a network of exclusive collaborations with professionals in our business sector that are located in the main tourist centers of Italy and Europe; this way The One warrants support, assistance and presence wherever it might be necessary.


The One dedicates the major investments in its budget to innovation. This way increases, year after year, its productive and communicative skills as well as something that becomes ever more important for our customers: its great responsiveness. We offer our customers a further option: access to information and our product 24/7. This, together with our presence on the web and in the social media, makes it possible to be in direct contact with the new applications and new market needs.


The One offers its customers a free App for Smartphone and Tablet with which they can digitally manage their itineraries and the booked services for their groups. TheOneApp by 4 Guest offers the opportunity to create, for each trip, a detailed digital program that will be available free of charge for your groups, by the use of an app for iOS or Android.


Prepare the travel routes and locations after the wishes and expectations of the customer as a tailor made garment, enrich this unexpected and creative proposals, stitch carefully the details to it and then choose add the services of the best suppliers: we manufacture a custom-made tailoring wherein our competence and experience are essential components that are integrated into the modern organization, the latest technologies, the speed of response and our fresh ideas, determine the level of service offered by The One.

Groups p. year 4.200

Travelers p. year with The One over 180.000 pax