THE TAUBLEIROS FEAST IN TOMAR: Tomar is a lovely town on the Ribatejo region, on the Nabao shores. Its main event is The Taubleiros Feast, a festival created in the XVI century, in order to honor the Holy Spirit. Prepared by the whole community, it takes place every four years, in July. It consists in a fourhundred young ladies procession in white dress carrying over their heads trays full of bread and wheat grains with a cross or a dove over them.

THE TEMPLAR CHRIST CLOISTER OF TOMAR: situated 100kms north of Lisbon, nearby Coimbra, also known as Christ Cloister of Tomar. The architectural structure of this cloister, part of UNESCO’s Patrimony since 1983, is famous for having a Templar shape and it is also surrounded in mystery and suggestion. Christopher Columbus is said to have found on this cloister’s catalogues some important nautical maps and useful hints for its memorable venture to America. It is recommended to those who look for alternative excursions.