THE AMUSEMENT PARK: located on the Civic Park of Budapest, it stays open all year. You will there be able to admire many fascinating attractions, from the first year of the ‘900, among which the wooden roller coasters and the horror train. The carousel park’s pavilion, built in 1906, gained the Our Europe Prize in 1997. Its wooden neo-Rococo styled structure is a unique piece, with rocking-horses and carriages placed over a rotating platform. This visit would be surely appreciated by both oldest and youngest.

AN ANCIENT MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE: The Hungarian capital has the oldest metropolitan of Continental Europe (the oldest of the entire Europe is the one of London). Budapest metropolitan’s first trip was in 1896, on the Vorosmarty ter-Szechenyi furdo’s track (the current M1 line), on the State birth millennium occasion.

THE BIGGEST SYNAGOGUE OF EUROPE: another record Budapest detains is the biggest synagogue. The Dohany Avenue Synagogue is capable of containing up to 3000 people, over its 2000 ms squared and 44ms of height. After the one in New York city is the second largest synagogue of the entire world, built on the second half of the XIX century, on North African Arabic style. The Parliament Palace is also the biggest in Europe measuring 260 ms of length and counting 700 rooms.