Searching for Wojtyla’s Pope: one of the most important polish characters is Karol Wojtyla, elected Pope in 1978, considered holy while still living by its connationals. He has been an extraordinary figure, great poet, humanist and spiritual leader. Since before becoming Pope, he was nominated Krakow archbishop, in the city it is possible to see a lot of locations related to him: his house during his studying, the residence of the bishop, his residence and the window through which he would appear each time he came back to his homeland, Saint Stanislao Kostka’s church, Saint Florian Cathedral. Out of Krakow there are lots of important areas as the sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, the Divine Mercy Sanctuary, absolutely loved by Wojtyla. Another main location of his life was Wadowice city, where the birthplace house, the parish and the field where he used to play in childhood are.

STARS COVERED CONCERT: The Copernicus Science Centre was inaugurated in Warsaw, in 2010, with its enormous spherical planetary screen. Every Friday is therefore possible to admire the stars accompanied with classical music, in a sensational experience! Furthermore, it is always possible to partecipate at the various technical laboratories: Chemist, Physics and Biology, professionals-guided in order to have their curiosity stimulated and for a better understanding of some complex phenomena, getting close to Science.