THE HERRING: In Netherlands fish dishes are the main products of the local gastronomy, whose specialty is the herring, the true sovereign of the Dutch Cuisine: it is served in several ways, smoked, pickled or even raw. An important day is when the first loaded of herrings is brought to local market: in the first day of May the fishermen fleet go towards the sea for fishing, while in the harbours they start organizing events. A lot of events are connected to herrings: in the little town of Scheveningen (nearby the Aja area) the herrings season is inaugurated, with the annual festival of Vlaggetjesdag (literally ‘The Flag Day’): on the little town harbour small and bigger watercrafts are decorated with a rainbow of coloured flags; the population dresses up with traditional costumes, while folkloristic dances and orchestras entertain the visitors with local music.

THE HUMAN BODY MUSEUM: In Oegstgeest, about 45 kms far from Amsterdam, it has recently been inaugurated a new attraction, the Corpus. The sensation for the visitor feels like to be walking on their inside body, the entrance is located on the knees and the final part ends on the brain. The attraction’s goal is to show the different functions of the body parts, to let the visitor discover the importance of conducting a good life style, eat and drink healthy and do some physical activity.

THE ICE NATIVITY: The ice-sculptures Festivals takes place in Eindhoven between the first period of December and half January. Sixty Dutch artists realize a 70 figures Nativity Scene, up to 8 ms high. To realize nativity theme sculptures 250,000 ks of ice and 400,000 of snow are used. It is possible to admire the majestic ice sculptures from a heat tent of 2500 ms squared in front of Eindhoven’s station. It is recommended to wear heavy clothes because the temperature inside the tent goes down to 8 degrees below zero. After the visit you will be glad to drink some hot chocolate or Vin Broulet.