Subterranean Osimo 
Under Osimo city lies an obscure twin. An underground world connects the main Palaces, as Campana, Riccioni, Simonetti and Gallo Palaces, which expand through the city like a labyrinth. This ancient location, rich in symbolism, has surely been the living ground of Malta’s and Templari’s knights. After  all the labyrinth symbolism has always been considered the main element guiding men through the obscure primordial path to light, transforming their essence from simply mortal soul to an enlightened immortal one. That is the reason why the path was underground, so that in order to find the exit towards light they will first have to deal with obscurity.

The Paper-Flower Feast 
In Polverigi (AN), during the first night of May, the earth fertility month, the paper-flower feast takes place. This tradition comes from the antique habit of putting flowers and little blossomed branches on the most beautiful young ladies’ house doors. In the past the young gentlemen used also to spread flower petals over the streets passing through their lover’s house. But if girls were ugly or naughty the guys during night would put elder tree branches at their doors and animals’ dung with eggshells to their path. To celebrate this popular feast in Polverigi, it has been recovered the ancient art of making paper flowers. These are realized in some of the local laboratories during the previous months, before the first night of May. In the laboratories marvellous colourful flowers are created in order to adorn the doors, windows and streets of the city centre.