On the west shore of the Sava river, it is located a natural Park called Lonjsko Polje. Sisak Stari Grad is one of the little towns coasting the river, we find there the Roman urban complex of ‘Sciscia’, with an annexed Tower, a town wall, and some of the majestic structures from late-Roman age. The Stari Grad (the Renaissance fortress) is still proved by the famous battle fought in 1593 against the Turkish.

The peculiar structure of the well-preserved wooden houses, with a stork-nest each, represent another amazing curiosity of this area, therefore Cigoc has been proclaimed in 1994 ‘European Storks town’. These wonderful animals are used to setting their nests right on the little wooden houses’ roofs. The Lonjsko Polje park counts a 506 squared kms area and it is one of the main protected swamps of Europe, with world-wide concerning. This park offers a quiet and romantic atmosphere, typical of the wide swamplands.

The Postumia Caverns in Slovenia are the most famous in the world for the 20 kms woven path their tunnels form, with their calcareous sides, calcite sediments, stalagmites and stalactites. It is the biggest cave of classical Karst and the most visited cave of Europe. In 1827 railways were placed in the caverns. Then, in 1844, electricity was overed, so that nowadays it is possible to travel under the majestic marvellous natural arches by a special train, going through a beautiful landscape characterized by wonderful calcareous sculptures. The most beautiful stalagmite of the place is named ‘The Diamond’ for the sparkling white colour of its structure.