Orvieto and the mystery of San Patrizio Well: 
San Patrizio Well is considered one of the world wonders. Amazing construction, with a double coil spring stair, which once allowed the mules to descend without crossing the rising rows. Realized by Sangallo between 1528 and 1537 for water supplying it is 62 ms deep. The San Patrizio Well derives its name from the Irish namesake one, that was, according to the legends, infinite, because it opened the purgatory’s doors.

Rafting over the Corno River: 
Not only rafting but also inflatable-canoes rowing, the slope is divided into two segments of the same length. The first one more calm and fascinating, traverses the Biselli gulch where you can easily take a bath break and drink the water coming out of a natural source. The second one formed by non-dangerous amazing rapids, where a natural trampoline allows to dive into the sparkling water.

Bevagna, a Medieval Flashback: 
The Middle Age is brought back in time, on the second half of June, when the Gaite (Barbarian term meaning ‘district’) local market takes place. Some medieval professions from the past are recalled, with extreme relevance to their originals, part of an annual circuit.

Perugia also Means Chocolate: 
In Perugia there is a place where the tasting art becomes reality: the Perugina chocolate School. A unique place in the world where you can realize, with the helps of some professionals, little art pieces with incomparable taste. A real school, where Art, Culture and Taste merge to a single passion for chocolate! The chocolate school, true core of the Perugina’s knowledge, offers to give this precious learning to all, so that everybody will be able to share their passion through a wide variety of courses.