GIANT’S CAUSEWAY: the giant’s causeway is one of the most magical and original places of Ireland. It is a natural rocky surfacing on the north-eastern coast of Ireland, just about 3 kms north from Bushmills. It is composed by 40,000 natural basalt hexagonal columns emerging from the water. This incredible complex is that suggestive and important that since 1986 is part of UNESCO’s Patrimony. As the legend tells, the giant warrior of Ulster Fionn Mc Cumhaill fell in love with a Scottish Giantess of Staffa Isle and, in order to pursue the Giantess, he built a rocky path to go visit her every day.

TEMPLE BAR: the main district of the modern Dublin; its name is due to the once inhabitants of that area, the Jewish community (Temple) banished (to bar) by the Catholics from entering in their shops, which peculiarity is the pedestrian bridge of Half Penny, taking its name from the price once demanded in order to trespass Liffey river, which offers a wonderful panoramic landscape together with the several historical pubs.