The Traveller’s Path: 

Walking along the west bank of the Como lake, there is a sales-way running along the lake’s bank, crossing the main centres of the coastline, from Abbadia to Colico, through Mandello and Varenna.’ The traveller’s path represents a unique occasion for discovering the natural and artistic beauties of the areas on the coast from Lecco to the north. It is an old road connecting Milan city to Switzerland, directly next to the lake. It testifies the important role played in commerce and market trading by the inhabitants of the Lario (the Como area).

The path traverses the territory from Abbadia Lariana, in and out the inhabited centres to Colico, proceeding until Valtellina’s feet. The entire path is about 45 kms long and it is divisible in 3 or 4 different stages. It is possible to go through the several stages coming back to the starting point every time by train thanks to the frequency of its intersections with the railway connecting Lecco to Colico. The low prices and the excellent overlook of the path contribute in making the itinerary accessible during whichever season.


Known as ‘the lake’s pearl’, it hosts lots of visitors in its classy and prestigious hotels and restaurants, perfect locations for admiring the breath-taking panoramas of the area. The old hamlet, full of antique and suggestive residences, mysterious alleys, typical cobbled stoned staircases, multi-coloured little shops. The weather is mostly mild, perfect for a relaxing trip or, only for the most actives, it is perfect for practicing some sport, between the marvellous overlook of the lake and the mansions. Visiting Bellagio not only will let you discover its historical past and natural relaxing beauties, but it also will let you savor the essence and taste its cuisine offers. More than 22 places, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from family-directed to the big Chef’s locations, Bellagio really is capable of please any palate, even the most demanding one.



The park of Pallavicino Mansion
Located in Stresa, it represents one of the most appreciated touristic attractions of the Lake Maggiore. A dreaming flora and fauna offer the visitor a unique experience. The original idea of this park was given by the Neapolitan statesman, Ruggero Bonghi, who was so fascinated by the Lake Maggiore that in 1855 decided to buy these territories to build a little dwelling there. Later on the Pallavicino family of marquises, who bought the property in 1862, expanded the estate and built new roads to extend the accessibility to carriages, adorned the park with statues, transforming the once little dwelling in the gorgeous mansion from 800 century in neoclassical style that now occupies the hill. It was then the marchioness Luisa, who in 1952 decided to host animals from the all world, building a wonderful zoo.



Limone, beautiful district facing the Garda lake, has since ever been among the most fascinating lemon plantation of the whole Italy. The presence of lemon plantations, also known as greenhouse gardens, goes back to the XIII century, when the first lemons were imported from the Ligurian coast and ever since they became one of the most important activities regarding the culture of the area, preserved with passion and expertise. This scenes best describes the Garda landscape, until the last coastal part of Brescia. The Castle lemon plantation, from the 700s, is one of the most old and typical citruses’ gardens of Garda, where the architecture and history are very well preserved. Reclined over the Monte Sughera’s rocky linings there is a wonderful example of terrace which allows to cultivate through its amazing architecture of walls and pillars.


2days – 1night
1stDAY Planned arrival in the morning to Como city, quick guided tour of the city centre. Right before midday, it is planned to sail the Como coast of Lario by boat, lunch on board. It will be possible to admire the beautiful mansion and parks of Cernobbio and Moltrasio (d’Este mansion, Erba mansion, Pizzo mansion and Versace’s) and also the typical little hamlets of the area and some of the historical locations like Comacina island. In the afternoon the visit will come back on dry land, in Bellagio city, the Como lake’s pearl, so defined for its position, which is at the apex of the two branches of Lario. Guided tour around Spartivento (windsplit) peak and the city centre. Good chance to go shopping around the little shops of the ‘salite’.
2ndDAY After hotel breakfast, heading out to discover the wide world of silk. Organised visit to the silk factory of Como, one of the most high quality and creative examples of silk production. It will then follow a visit to Cassina Rizzardi to see the mulberry-warms cultivation centre, unique example of both silk and mulberry-warms cultivation. Organised lunch at a typical restaurant of the Como area. Back-home trip.
Starting from € 170.00


2days – 1night
1stDAY Planned arrival in Stresa, delightful aristocratic place situated in the centre of Lake Maggiore, that since the first years of the 800s, due to affluent English tourism, assumed the elegant look of the Liberty, clearly visible on the pretty mansions. Guided tour of the city centre with panorama promenade to admire the outlook of the mansions. Quick stop to  the Pallavicino Mansion’s park, where you will be able to see more than 40 different species between mammals and exotic birds. Boat-sailing to the fishermen’s island to have a typical lunch, in which you will be able to taste the best lake-fish specialties of the area. During the afternoon planned boat-sailing through the Borromeas islands: Beautiful island and Mother island, the most peculiar among the three, with its famous stunning garden full of rare plants and exotic flowers. At the end of this field, organised dinner and overnight in an hotel nearby Stresa.
2ndDAY After breakfast, heading to Orta city. Quick tour of the city centre followed by a trip on San Giulio Island, 400 ms above the shore. Planned lunch at a typical restaurant of the Orta lake area. After lunch leaving for a visit to the wine-factory producer of the best wines around Novara, the D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. with annexed wine tasting of the 3 most refined D.O.C. wines, accompanied with cold cuts-sampling typical of the area. Back-home trip.
Starting from € 210.00



2days – 1night
1stDAY Planned arrival in the morning and organised mini-cruise through the north part of the Garda lake: motorboat-sailing from Torbole/Riva to Limone and from Limone to Malcesine, to admire the breathtaking panorama from the water, followed by sightseeing the city centres of both towns. After lunch at a typical local restaurant, planned climbing on the Valdo mountain by rotary cable car and high-quote panoramic stroll. Ending the night in Riva del Garda’s hotel for dinner and overnight.
2ndDAY After quick breakfast at the hotel, heading out for a bike-tour from Torbole to Sarca’s valley; organised stop for a wine tasting and snack. Back-home trip.
Starting from € 150.00